Flying Robots Deliver Tacos To Your Location

I haven’t heard such a crazy idea for a while. But they were saying that Copernicus was crazy at his times… Tacocopter – unmanned drone quad-copter will deliver you taco based on your smartphone location.  The silicon valley start-up combines four of the most prominent touchstones of modern America: tacos, robots, smartphones and laziness.

Simple idea

You order tacos on your smartphone and also beam in your GPS location information. You order and your location are sent to restaurant, and when your order is ready the tacocopter is then sent out with your food to find you and deliver your tacos to wherever you’re standing. What simple and crazy idea! Actually it might make sense, if you calculate costs of hiring delivery guys it can be cheaper and faster to do it this way.

It works but it’s not legal

Actually it really works.  Tacocopters have been tested from  July 2011 with success but it’s being blocked by the U.S. law. Current U.S. FAA regulations prevent … using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) like drones for commercial purposes. The potential is there. I guess that it’s just a matter you time when legislation will allow it.

source: Haffingtonpost

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 + GPS + Nokia Maps = Game Changer

At the beginning of August Barnes & Noble’s tablet/e-book reader has been equipped with WiFi based navigation ForeverMaps 2 that is using Open Street Maps. The app itself was nothing worth using but the major question was what will Amazon do about it. Now we know… Next-gen Kindle Fire, will reportedly include Nokia’s mapping services including maps and navigation. The tablet will be released upcoming Thursday (September 6th, 2012) and there is only one thing which we don’t know. Will new Kindle Fire be equipped with GPS or will it be using WiFi triangulation positioning? This is actually the major question. If it has GPS than it will no longer be in one league with Nook but it will directly compete with Google Nexus 7.

I think that this might be a strategic move by Amazon. Kindle + GPS + Nokia Location platform = True Game Changer. Why is that? First of all Amazon says that Fire makes up 22% of the U.S. tablet market sales which makes it one of the most popular tablets. Secondly Nokia Location platform gives great opportunities for 3rh party developers to build Amazon custom location-based apps. Finally, we can imagine Amazon entering location-based advertising area. Imagine getting message with 25% off Amazon coupon while entering book store.

We’ll know everything on Thursday.

source: pcmag

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