The first connected location-based bike… and the most beautiful


We’ve heard a lot about connected cars. But have you ever heard about connected bicycle? Few weeks ago Canadian start-up Vanhawks has unveiled on Kickstarter their Valour connected-bicycle. The bike has an embedded navigation system and many other cool features but I must say that personally I would buy it from a different reason – it’s just amazingly beautiful and well designed thing to have. I wouldn’t even want to ride it, I would just stare at it for hours…;)

Vanhawks 1 - Geoawesomeness

The Valour is packed full of electronics. It connects to iOS and Android smartphone – as well as other wearable tech e.g. Pebbel smart watch, through Bluetooth. Mobile apps track rider statistics such as route distance, speed and time. The bike offers embedded LED handlebar indicators which are connected to the smartphone’s GPS navigation and give riders turn-by-turn directions similar to the one we know from Hammerhead bike navi device. The Valour also includes a blind spot detector which alerts the rider of any object in their blind spot through haptic feedback in the handle bar grips. Not bad at all…

Vanhawks - Geoawesomeness 2

Although for most of the features you’ll need the app, the Valour is suppose make some things automatically. Every bike is said to be “connected to each other through a mesh network (i.e. Bluetooth-based) and is alerted when one goes missing.“ Sounds very interesting but it has value only if you have hundreds of Valour in your city.

Check out all the other features.

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Vanhawks has launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise $100 000… and you know what? There are 17 days to go and the project has already over $408 000. Backers can sign up to purchase a single-speed version of the bike, which will sell for $999, with a geared version available for $300 more.

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