The first autonomous drone delivery network to take flight in Switzerland next month

The future of logistics is here!


An autonomous drone delivery network that doctors can use to send medical samples from the hospital to a lab sounds like something you can imagine happening in the future, except in this case the future is actually next month!

Autonomous drone delivery network

Matternet, a drone logistics company together in partnership with the Swiss post is all set to launch an autonomous drone network in Switzerland for the healthcare industry. The first delivery network will be operational already next month. It’s important to understand that this is no a pilot project or test. The drones are going to fly over urban areas in Switzerland in the coming months, delivering medical samples and items that need to delivered urgently.

Matternet station autonomous drone delivery
Matternet Station has a footprint of approximately 2 square meters and can be installed at ground or rooftop locations

Matternet’s drone delivery network sounds like a futuristic version of our postal service system! The press release didn’t have many technical details regarding Matternet’s autonomous M2 drone, besides that the drones have a maximum range of 20 km and have a cruising speed of 70 km/hour. Would be interested in learning more about their navigation and mapping engines.

VIAThe Verge
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