Find Your Lost Android Phone With New App By Google


Android-LostUntil now there was no native Android app to assist you when your phone got lost. Both iOS and Windows phones had such a functionality from the beginning but Android users had to use 3rd party apps like Android Lost to locate their smartphones. Not anymore… Last week Google announced Android Device Manager, a new website and an app coming later this month that will help you find your lost Android phone or tablet.

Many users crises this kind of apps but I guess it’s just because they expect it would actually make a thief bring the phone back to their door… No, it will not prevent anyone from steeling your smartphone, and if he knows what he’s doing it will not help much afterwards but what it will give you is possibility to remotely clean your phone from every sensitive information which is much more valuable than a phone itself. It will also give you approximate location of device and ring your phone at maximum volume so you can find it, even if it’s been silenced.

Android Device Manager - Geoawesomeness

One would say it is not much but it’s enough to truly help you. Last winter I’ve been jogging with a friend in a park. When suddenly he realized he had lost his white iPhone in the snow. We’ve tried to find it but we simply couldn’t. Once he came back home he tried to locate his phone on the map with Find My iPhone but the phone didn’t have a network connection. In the morning he checked again and apparently the phone connected to the network for a short period of time a few hour ago. It was still in the park. My friend found a guy who rents a metal detectors and he had his phone back in one hour. After whole night in a snow it work perfectly fine.

source: Android Official Blog


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