Facebook’s Place Tips: Now available to any business in USA


Facebook Place Tips - GeoawesomenessPLACE TIPS

Place Tips is basically Facebook’s Location Based Notification application that runs inside the Facebook app that will push notifications to your smartphone when you are near a particular store. So if you are window-shopping in front of an electronics retailer, which happens to have Facebook’s Bluetooth beacon installed, then chances are that you’ll get a notification with information (and maybe, offers) to your smartphone automatically. All you need to do, is have the Facebook app installed on your device.

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Now Available Across United States of America

Facebook initially rolled out Place Tips to a few select retailers in New York at the beginning of this year. According to Engadget, it is now available to any business in America and if you are a business owner, you could request a free beacon for your company, using their web page.

facebook_bluetooth_beacon_requestSource: Engadget

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