Facebook Live Map allows you discover real-time video streams based on their geography


Facebook Live Map Geoawesomeness

Facebook Live is a new video feature that has been rolled out globally in February and offers users real-time streaming video capabilities. Frankly speaking it is not massively popular but from now on it might be much more interesting and engaging… Especially for GeoGeeks.

Facebook’s interactive Live Map is a new feature that makes it easy to find live streams from around the globe based on their geography. Streams are visualized as blue dots with larger dots indicating streams with the most viewers. Hovering over a dot launches its stream and shows you lines that point you to where people around the world are watching. The location privacy of both streamers and viewers is protected by keeping the exact location vague enough.

The new feature is available on the left navigation bar in your Facebook timeline. It is not something really unique. In fact the idea seems to be taken from Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming app. Still, it finally makes the Facebook Live a bit more interesting.

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