Example on how to use Satellite Data for Construction Monitoring


So nowadays I think everyone has heard about the possibility to look at stuff near real time via satellite imagery. But does this really add value to my work? Is this in my company’s budget? See this short example as your first entry into the world of remote sensing.

The comparison includes screenshots from imagery taken mid April of the harbor of Cape Town. The software used is the Sentinel Hub EO-Browser. The EO-Browser of Sentinel Hub is a really useful piece of software funded by the European Union. In the browser-based application you can search, visualize and download satellite imagery with a focus on data from the EU Sentinel Missions.

The highest resolution of free data you will get with Sentinel 2 products (10m). For the harbor at Cape Town the result looks like this:

The image gives a good overview, but you cannot detect any details on e. g. a single building. If you thus manage a small construction site, this might not be enough. But this is the most you will get out of near real time remote sensing if you do not want to spend any money. However, if you have a budget you can subscribe to a service that includes imagery from other satellites. Popular is the Pleiades satellite with a resolution of 0.5m. In Cape Town an image from Pleiades looks like this:

If this is interesting for you, the next question is: What is the pricing? That depends on how much data you will need / how big your construction site is. Sentinel Hub offers a subscription package which includes Pleiades imagery at 999€ per year and you can also check it out with a free trial.


  1. Hi Leonhard. I am really interested in Pleidas imagery. I tried the images but they are not as close/zoomed out as the one you posted. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Can you pls connect with me? It is really important and related to my job. I want to try Pleidas properly before I recommend it.
    Thanks in advance. 🙂


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