ESA Phi Week 2019


From 9 – 13 September 2019 the Phi week, organised by the European Space Agency (ESA), took place in its ESRIN facilities in Frascati near Rome. This interactive conference concentrates on topics of EO Open Science and Future EO. It responds to the last developments in EO Open Science and future trends. Beyond the classical oral and poster sessions the Phi week included a variety of side events such as workshops, round tables, hackathons and start up tables. In the 5th edition of the Phi Week (until 2017 the conference was called “Earth Observation Open Science Conference”) the prominent topic was AI filling 8 out of 14 oral presentation blocks. Other topics were EO Open initiatives in academia and industry as well as future trends in EO. As an outlook mega constellations were presented coming along with the already known problem of space debris.

Due to the overwhelming demand before the conference, online participation during the talks and presentations was enabled through a streaming service. All oral contributions were recorded and are stored under following link:

The videos are sorted according to the weekly program of the Phi week, which can be found on the main homepage of the conference:

Enjoy the presentations and discussion about most recent trends in EO Open Science!

I ever since was passionate about topography and started my professional life on a local scale by doing landscape design. With the European Master in Geospatial Technologies I continue on a larger scale and find myself highly comfortable with this complete outsight on what surrounds us here and there. My special attention goes to the topic of remote sensing, which enables to find answers to a series of problems of environment and planning. For me, the geo-world holds a high potential to learn and create life. An awesome 'g'!



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