Emergency app in Denmark records 200.000 downloads in two weeks


notruf-appThe company Intergraph developed an app together with the Danish Police Department, Copenhagen Fire Department and Danish Geodata Agency that automatically sends the exact location to a dispatch centre via GPS when calling the emergency number 1-1-2. Being under stress for many people it becomes difficult to explain ones position, which at the same time is urgent for arranging immediate help. The app was tried to keep as simple as possible, also technically. – For instance, if battery is less than 25% the GPS receiver will be automatically deactivated to prevent from exceeding use of power. The success is considerable as 200 000 downloads were recorded within the first two weeks of launching the service (most downloads for an app in Denmark). Indeed, the app seems to be smart: running in the background little (no) notice has to be paid to it and during an emergency case it will automatically rouse from slumber and do a useful job. Still, the rest of the world has to wait for such an app!


I ever since was passionate about topography and started my professional life on a local scale by doing landscape design. With the European Master in Geospatial Technologies I continue on a larger scale and find myself highly comfortable with this complete outsight on what surrounds us here and there. My special attention goes to the topic of remote sensing, which enables to find answers to a series of problems of environment and planning. For me, the geo-world holds a high potential to learn and create life. An awesome 'g'!


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