Earth is still “green”: Vegetation study by NASA and NOAA paints a positive picture


Increasing deforestation, Global warming, Floods in India, Canada and Central Europe – all signs that the Earth is getting Industrialized and Gray compared to the Blue and Green that once dominated the planet?

Well, it seems all is not lost. Remote sensing studies using satellite imagery from Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership by NASA and NOAA reveal the greener side of the planet.

The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index values from the study gives a fair idea of droughts, forest fires and other environmental factors that are affecting the vegetation cover.

The amount of greenery that you still see on the surface of the planet is in stark contrast to the grim and gray pictures that we have associated the Earth with over the last couple of years, thanks to extensive “industrialization”. The study does not really say that the earth has become greener by any stretch of imagination and it would be wrong to assume that but it’s still nice to see the amount of greener thriving on the planet.

Earth is still a “green and blue” planet 🙂

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