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Explore and Book Hotels directly on Google Maps

Surely, this is gonna have a huge effect in keeping Google Maps strongly competitive. Google Map is in constant competition with competitors like the OpenStreetMap. With the introduction of this awesome App on Google Map API, I strongly feel that Google Map API global usage will multiply. This is part of the Google’s new AD packages to help developers monetize Google maps.

Mapov.com is a pretty cool Google Map-based search engine for finding and booking hotels.

How it works:

To find an hotel with Mapov.com you need to enter the location you wish to visit. A Google Map is then displayed showing all the available hotels. The displayed hotels can be refined by date, price, number of stars, TripAdvisor rating and by amenities.

The information windows on Mapov.com are really nicely designed. If the user clicks on the rating system (at the top of each window) then another window appears displaying TripAdvisor reviews for the selected hotels. At the bottom of each window a quick link is provided to book the hotel. If the user desires a different booking service than the one shown then they can click on the down arrow and select another site.

Click on the picture Mapov interface below and begin to use it right away 🙂

Source: Google Maps Mania

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Geo-Pimp : Nicely pimp your house on Street View.

Quite interesting that you have now got the ability to pimp and customize your house and make it look awesome on Street View through the light-weight application called Blockee.

Blockee is a nice little app that allows you to pimp up your house by adding some bling to its Google Maps Street View image.

How it works:

Using the application you can find your house on Google Maps Street View and then drag and drop a number of items onto the static image of your house. Once you have completed decorating your house you are given a nice short URL to the finished image so you can share your pimped up house with your friends via your favourite social network.

You might need to use Google Chrome to get this to work!

Click on the Blockee interface below and start pimping now 🙂

Source : Google Maps Mania

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