How to find nearest COVID-19 testing site with Apple Maps in US


apple maps covid 19 testingIf you are an iOS user in the United States or Puerto Rico, you can now search for a nearby COVID-19 testing location directly in Apple Maps. The testing sites being displayed include urgent care clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and health departments.

Earlier this month, Apple started inviting healthcare providers, labs, and other businesses to submit information on COVID-19 testing locations that Apple could display to its users. Before any testing site is added to Maps, the information is validated by the team at Apple.

To search for a nearby testing location, open the Maps app, and tap on the search bar. Start typing ‘COVID-19’ into the search field and you should an option for ‘COVID-19 Testing – Search Nearby’ appear in the suggestions. Tap that and the results would appear on the map in a manner similar to when you search for a restaurant or a grocery store.

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If you need more information about a specific test provider, simply tap on its name and you will be able to see additional details provided by the business, such as the exact address, phone number, websites, hours of operations, etc. Apple also warns that you may require a doctor’s referral or an appointment if you wish to get tested at a center.

Coronavirus cases have surpassed the 1 million mark in the United States. With the death toll on course to hit 60,000 shortly, the country has now lost more Americans to COVID-19 than it did to the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, the nation’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has explained that a second round of the coronavirus is “inevitable.”

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We sincerely hope you do not find the need to find a COVID-19 testing site, but if you ever do, Apple Maps could prove helpful.

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