Copernicus Hackathon Poland 2020: All you need to know


Copernicus Hackathon Poland 2020Copernicus Hackathon, a gateway to the 12-month Copernicus Acceleration program, is coming to Poland for the second time. Planned between March 7-14, 2020, in Łódź, the event focuses on finding new ways to use the Earth Observation (EO) data being collected by the European Commission and the European Space Agency’s Copernicus EO Program. At the same time, the Hackathon will expedite the development of new companies and projects in the EO sector that aim to improve the living conditions on Earth in the background of climate change, weather instability, and the rapid depletion of natural resources.

Who Should Participate

Anyone who would like to start a business in the space industry – programmers, remote sensing specialists, space enthusiasts, geodesy and cartography enthusiasts, as well as people with a marketing mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. Teams are encouraged to go through the list of challenges (below) and finalize their ideas/areas of interest beforehand.

Hackathon Challenges

This edition of Copernicus Hackathon has 8 challenges:

  1. Spatial planning and automatic detection of changes
  2. Natural hazard prevention and management
  3. Monitoring of agricultural fields
  4. Meteorological and hydrological analysis
  5. Inventory of excavation and piles
  6. Monitoring of forests
  7. Environmental degradation
  8. Adaptation to climate changes

More information about each of these challenges can be found here.

What to Expect

The event consists of two parts – a full-day workshop on March 7 and the final competition on March 14. During the week, the participating teams will get an opportunity to interact with both technical and business experts through remote mentoring sessions. The primary winner of the contest will get a direct entry into the 12-month Copernicus Acceleration program. There are several other awards planned for the runners-up.

The second edition of Copernicus Hackathon Poland is being facilitated by the Kapitech company together with Astri Polska, the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, and SkyHub co-working space. The registration form can be found here.

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