Mapping World Happiness


The World is infected by war at the cost of happiness

A small comparison between world happiness ranking and the conflict areas of the world revealed a new dimension for happiness. Blurring the economic, health, freedom, charity factors from the picture and focusing on the war/conflict affected areas, proves to be yet another negatively correlated reason for happiness.

The world happiness ranking was sourced from ESRI’s Story Map contest with more details on the contributing factors for happiness such as Income, Governance etc., whereas the conflict-affected area was fetched from the IRIN’s in-depth coverage of World at War with a greater degree of detail on every war-torn region. Both of which are interactive maps, a must check for more understanding.

A comparison on Ukraine

The war affected Ukraine stands at a happiness ranking of 132 which is lesser than the surrounding nations which are in the range of 40-80.

War inflicted Africa

It is clear from the war interactive map that Africa has always been a victim of terrorism which pushes the African countries far behind every other nation in the happiness ranking indicated by red color rank numbers. Africa also holds the least ranking (155) country.

A study by University of Canterbury also reveals that the amount of media glare on the regions affected by war influences the happiness level which can be correlated with the Middle East and African country’s dip in the happiness ranking compared to other war affected areas.

A much happier Europe and USA

The first world countries are placed on top of the happiness ranking indicated by blue colour with minimal or no conflicts at all.

These comparisons clearly reflect how war can influence happiness and proves to be considered as one of the important factor for happiness. Let’s stop fighting and start smiling!

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