Christmas gift? Check out custom-made map clothes


Monochrome - Skirt

Data visualization specialist Rachel Binx has launched a new project that lets you buy a custom-made map clothes. Rachel created a website called Monochome which allows you to select any data from OpenStreetMap to become a stylish shirt, tank, or skirt. Really cool!


First of all you need to select a type of clothing you’d like to buy. Than you pick up an address or city and choose style: black or white (that’s why “monochrome”). Further customization is possible through zooming in or out, dragging the map to another locations. Not every city is available in OpenStreetMap, but if yours is missing, it’s easy to sign up to add your own. Rachel commented on the project for Geoawesomeness:

I used to work at a data visualization and mapping studio called Stamen, which is where I fell in love with maps. I think it’s so much fun to look at the world’s geography, especially with different map treatments. My goal for Monochōme was to make an easy interface for ordering custom clothing, but also to make it possible to order some city or location that’s meaningful to you. I tried to design the basemaps in a way that would look good as a clothing piece, to be a fashionable object as well as a story for the owner to tell.

Truly geoawesome project!

Monochrome - Geoawesomeness

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