China’s GPS aka BeiDou: Coming soon to your smartphone


BeiDou is widely regarded as China’s own GPS and rightly so. Recently and finally China released its “secret” i.e. the Navigation message format for BeiDou. This enabled GNSS product OEMs around the world to be able to track and utilize BeiDou signals for positioning and navigation.

China is reportedly allowing Drivers to access BeiDou for navigation and its times smartphone users followed suit! Engadget reports that a state official Yang Qiangwen while speaking to Xinhua news said that it won’t be long before the nation’s made-at-home GPS is adopted by local smartphone makers.

So China’s marketing strategy for BeiDou is simple – get the domestic smartphone manufacturers to get on board and use BeiDou. Sooner than later the Big Boys of the game have to follow suit.

Although BeiDou is still not yet at a stage where it receivers can operate Standalone using BeiDou i.e. without the use of GPS or GLONASS satellites to aid in positioning, the navigation message format release by China marked much excitement and anticipation in the GNSS circles. Hopefully soon we would all be able to use BeiDou in our smartphones 🙂

BeiDou – coming soon to a smartphone near you! 🙂

Source: Engadget

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