Check out this vibrating navigation belt on Kickstarter


Connected location-aware wearables are not all about watches, trackers and bands. This Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise funds to launch the first location-based… belt. The belt is equipped with motors that connect to the navigation app and guide user with vibrations.


The idea has been developed by Italian engineer Marco Zagaria and I must stay that this origin is not a surprise. Italy is famous from the style and attention to fashion details. Italians are all about a style and quality. Why would it be any different with Italian connected wearables?

Check out the video to learn more:

Frankly speaking I don’t see myself using that sort of solution on a daily basis, there are already too many distractions coming from multiple devices I have. It could be however interesting to see how it could be applied in navigation for blind people. When it comes to driving I would rather see that sort of vibrating motors on a steering wheel itself, rather than on my waist. But I don’t want to judge until I try it on. There are still over 20 days to go. So go for it if you find the project interesting.

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