Check out Google Maps in Lego form with this awesome Web app: Brick Street View


Over the years, we have seen Google Maps in different Avatars, as a Pac-man game, GeoGuessr and many others. Add “Google Map in Lego form” to that list – Brick Street View, designed by Einer Ă–berg is a cool web application that renders Street View locations in Lego format. Yes, it even has Lego cars and plants in the landscape. The application works exactly the same way that Google Maps does but instead of dragging a street view icon, you “Grab the hand” of your Lego tour guide 🙂


The way Famous landmarks are rendered when you hover over them is pretty awesome 🙂


Once you enter street-view, the buildings are hard to recognize. To be fair, It’s not that easy to get everything working in a project that is just an experiment. Kudos to Einar öberg for this geoawesome application.


Want to know more about the technology (& libraries) behind Brick Street View – here’s the link.

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