CartoDB launched a tool to easily map geotagged tweets around the world

CartoDB Twitter GeoawesomenessCartoDB is one of the coolest data geovisualization platforms out there. This Spanish-based start-up was founded in 2008 by Javier de la Torre and Sergio Alvarez under than name Vizzuality, where they were working on a lot of really cool data-viz projects. Gradually they started to develop a mapping platform CartoDB to help them with their projects… After 6 years CartoDB has around 24 employees, offices in Madrid, Berlin and New York and it has a very strong position on the market of geovisualization platforms.

Now their position will be even stronger. CartoDB will be the first mapping software provider to gain a real-time access to the Twitter database, to enable the creation of animated maps through their new service called “Mapping Twitter“. CartoDB annouced a Beta Program where you can sign-in and test it. Below you can find an example of a map which shows tweets during Germany vs Portugal match on World Cup 2014.

[iframe src=”http://cartodb.com/v/worldcup/match/?vis=b8efbc94-f580-11e3-95d0-0e10bcd91c2b&h=t&t=Germany,be1931%7CPortugal,009246&m=6/16/2014%2013:00:00%20GMT,6/16/2014%20%200:58:00GMT&g=12,32,45,96%7C#/2/-16.5/-3.2/0″ width=”100%” height=”480″]

CartoDB don’t reveal all the features of the tool but the biggest problem with the Twitter API is that you can browse the data in a real-time, but you don’t get an access to full historical database. This limitation makes it difficult to use the Twitter data for example in geomarketing area. I sounds like a little revolution. I can’t wait to test it.

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Thank you CGP Grey for your work!!! Let’s celebrate the Independence Day of USA on 4th July !!!


Source: CGPGray


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