CARTO SalesQuest will give your field reps power of location intelligence

After wowing us with its interactive online maps, location intelligence firm CARTO has released the first solution it has built on its own platform: CARTO SalesQuest. The analytics solution streams directly into the organization’s sales CRM data (Salesforce, SAP, etc.) to burnish field employees with the power of spatial intelligence, and help them develop a competitive advantage and make better business decisions.

While traditional sales analytics tools fail to deliver real-time, robust results, geo-based data analytics reveals such complex relationships between high-performing data environments that directly impacts the company’s bottom line. Like, where are there high-value opportunities in this particular territory?

SalesQuest even allows you to layer external data from any open dataset and get additional insight to your field. For example, how can this open data about demographics help me find prospective clients?

The solution, with its clean and attractive UI, can be accessed from both desktop and mobile. It is built on CARTO’s interactive map platform, which the company feels will not only simplify selling, it will also make the field experience for a sales rep more intuitive.

CARTO explains in a blog post what the sales analytics solutions will allow field employees to do:

  • Visualize the location of nearby prospects, customers and sleepers: This would allow sales personnel to minimize travel costs using route optimization when planning visits
  • See customers according to time of last touch: An important step in maintaining customer satisfaction with balanced coverage across sales area
  • Visualize nearby renewal opportunities: This would allow field reps to reduce churn rates with visits to customers with expiring contracts
  • Identify highest value opportunities: This feature enables prioritizing sales visits by highest value customers and prospects

At the managerial level, the solution allows supervisors to leverage the role-access view for analyzing trends and patterns in sales behavior. Operation managers can identify which areas require their attention and change sales behavior accordingly.

Seems like these guys have pretty much covered all major sales blind spots. What do you think?

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