My Boss thinks, I am Smart and Why is that?


My boss think i am smart


My boss thinks I am smart, my second boss thinks I am dynamic and my colleges finds me I am a think tank; have total or partial answer to range of geospatial problem. Why hey think like that? What’s the secret?

Before I answer that question I would love to take the opportunity to tell what I think about other geospatial professionals or tends to be geospatial professionals. I consider those cluster of individuals are smart who read geospatial blog such as Geoawsomness. I consider another cluster of geo-people are dynamic who reads blog/news/follow recent geospatial development and share it with others. I consider those geo-geeks as think tank who read blogs, think about that and have a try to implement it in their own professional needs. Ops! I already have answered the questions…The answers is very simple. They find me smart because I read blogs. I sleep with blogs and I write blogs.

Today, my note is not to share new geospatial technologies or new findings with you but to share my own experience about and with Geoawsomness. The lesson I have learnt by reading and writing blogs, may guide some of you to find your way out getting a job or to have a healthy and successful professional career.

It was March 2013, I was about to complete my MSc Program and was looking for jobs. At the end of March I got a call for interview and that was the last place I was expecting a call from because I didn’t ever attain 50 % of their job criteria. Any way I went to that interview. It was about 8 hours of interviewing and I got the job. Now the question is how? Let me call the answer to the question as tips for you from my “getting a job” experience

 Tips 1: I used to follow several information hubs such as geoawsomness so I use to keep myself updated with the recent geospatial developments; and in those 8 hours that’s what they found in me. For an instance I knew about landsat 8

Tips 2: When I read about some development, I try to assess their potentiality along; have a critical look to that development using the social and economic benefit lenses; I would say a critical perception of certain development that’s what makes me aware about their benefit, aid my decision making rules make me different from a machine. We can think better. For an instance Cartography can boost up ethnic bias and i believe it’s a FACT;

Tips 3: What a good cook does? Try several ingredients together to make a testy dish. Do the same with your knowledge; connect each other make a make a firm skeleton and present it; you might get the job. What you think about facebook graph search? food for thought

 Tips 4: try to know about what a emerging company does. What they are looking for, what they might reqire and where you fits, where you can give some potential input. So that’s how you find you and that will keep you online to make yourself difference. For an instance have you read about Estimote and what they think?

 Tips 5: know yourself and keep others updated about recent news regarding geospatial companies. Do you know that Rapideye changed name to blackbridge

 Tips 6: read and know about what potential geospatial professional professional thinks like? What is important to them? That will help you think like them and your answer to the question in the interview will be perfect. Read about space oriented requirement like how to get jobs in Australia

Tips 6: there is nothing important then knowledge and if you can get it in an structured way that’s just awesome. Do your know about the free GIS courses?

Tips 7:  now very important question to ask yourself? Can you judge what is better? Eventually you can but Geoawsomness can frame your thinking patter and guid you through. You can know about google’s pace and are still they are the first in spatial analytics

Tips 8: Its important to know how the geospatial market is breathing; a global perspective can prove you that you are potential. Get the GIS market information growth info  here.

Tips 9: its all about networking. Networking through sharing, impressing people with kool news, which ensure your online presence, help you stand out of the crowd. For an instance think about social network and how we can use the social network data to people’s power to people. Read a story here

Thats what i tell to my boss


9 tips from 9 of our Contributors in Geoawsomness; I read these stuff and think about it and share it with others and keep impressing. I think you got the answer why my boss thinks I am start. Because I know about things and think about things and generate my own idea to keep aiding my professional knowledge. Now how can you do that and where to get such news and infatuation and seeds? The answer is here, in Geoawsomness; A group of dynamic people are here to help you with that with recent geospatial info, critical review, geo-market health and so..

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I believe, Geospatial Technologies are not only about integrating hardware and software to understand our world but also about Geopeople. Geopeople are now becoming a share of this smart system as they are devising themselves as a tool, for information processing and dissemination. So, here I am a Geo-individual to nous Geoawesomeness. In this new era of humankind I am to sense the same world with geospatial tastes.



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