Bag2Go – The First Location-Enabled Suitcase

bag2go_1Have your luggage got lost at the airport? Did it happen to you that something went missing from your suitcase? You are not alone… I guess that the concept of ‘location-enabled’ suitcases is nothing new but there was no implementation worth looking at… until now.

Bag2GoAirbus decided to get serious about it, partnered with T-Mobiel and Rimowa (luggage producer) and packed a suitcase with GPS and RFID sensors together with GSM module in order to create ‘Bag2Go’, the first bag in the world that will sync up with your smartphone and tell exactly what happened with you bag. Pretty cool. It will also feature a built-in scale mounted in the handle to provide information on luggage weight.

The consortium claims that Bag2Go will not  be much more expensive than a regular model (up-to 20% more, probably plus GSM carrier charges) but don’t expect much. It is still a prototype and we don’t know whether it will be actually available to buy for the mass market. The other possibility is renting. Airbus chief innovation officer Yann Barbaux said:

There are companies which already do this for maybe €25. We think with this system could be done for €8, and it would still be profitable.

I like this idea a lot. It is improving safety of your luggage and reassuring you that your bag is still coming while you’re the last one waiting in the luggage claim (or does it only happens to me?). I don’t know if you can do anything when you learn that your suitcase is on the other side of the world but at least you will know that. I hope that the project and other similar will be finally completed and released to the general public.


source: Antyweb

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