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Elena Rovati, Principal Design Strategist, Karoline Cerny, Principal Design Strategist, Karen Janssen, Head of Design Forward. At HERE we are often confronted with the notion that location is omnipresent and a core attribute of many products and services. This is one reason why we look for indicators of change; we feel that cultivating an awareness of changes in society, economy, geo-politics, and technology helps us evaluate and shape innovative products and services. We are driven to uncover whether innovation happens as a result of technological improvements or due to customers’ changing values and needs. Our research happens across multiple industries. We believe that innovation in one industry can deliberately or indirectly cause changes in an adjacent or completely different one. We observe how enabling technologies apply to these different industries (i.e. drones, 3D printing, etc.). We value and encourage as many discussions and interactive touchpoints within HERE to gather the point of views of our location experts. Our aim is to inspire meaningful innovation of location technology with an emphasis on how it affects our lives.
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