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Augmented Reality Helmet: Taking the Google Glass concept to the Motorcycle

First it was augmented reality based navigation for cars like in the James Bond movies; then came Google Glass with navigation and more, now a startup based out of Moscow – LiveMap is taking the Google Glass concept to your motorcycle Helmet!

Imagine a Google Glass that is built in to your Motorcycle helmet that projects information regarding traffic and directions in front of your eyes – might be a little distracting but its definitely futuristic!

LiveMap, a Moscow based startup is developing this “Google Glass” motorcycle helmet with a head-mounted display, built-in voice recognition and navigation. It will have a translucent, colour display that would be project on your helmet visor. The helmet will be English language-only at launch, based on android OS.

Unlike visor-mounted heads-up displays, which have been available for a decade, LiveMaps is fully integrated within the headgear and layers information in real space. The “augmented reality” helmet display includes a light sensor for adjusting image brightness according to external light conditions, as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, and digital compass for tracking head movements. The digital helmet is also clever about minimizing distracted driving — a map is shown only when the rider’s speed is close to zero. Source: CNET

The "GPS" helmet

The “GPS” helmet

The helmet will be available in late 2014 in North America, UK and Australia.

Planning to buy one? Consider setting aside $2000 for this latest gadget! Yup, thats the price tag and if you wanting to be an early bird, LiveMap is planning to price it at $1500!

GPS Helmets… I am beginning to wonder what the next innovation the Geomatics industry has in store 🙂


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Twitter Obtains Spindle–Location-Based Social Start-up

twitter-spindleTwitter fell in love with Spindle and finally took a bold step to acquire it. Good move and surely it will pay off for twitter.

Spindle is a smart location-based social start-up that has built an app that helps you check-in location and discover local places of interest nearby. The constant question people always would ask ”what is happening nearby right now and where?” is what spindle can easily help you figure out.


“By joining forces with Twitter, we can do so much more to help you find interesting, timely, and useful information about what’s happening around you,” the Spindle guys said.

The Spindle team will relocate from their headquarters in Boston to Twitter’s offices in San Francisco as a result of the acquisition. 

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