Armchair Geography: Geoawesome Mapping projects!


earthWhat does Coral Reefs, the ancient ruins in Mongolia, the awesome view of Earth from Space and the old temples in Japan have in common? Well, if any one of these was on your bucket list then you could now experience all of these without even leaving your easy-chair.

Let’s face it, making a bucket list is the easier part of the deal and in any case the bucket list is only getting longer and longer which makes it all the more difficult to accomplish everything. How about a compromise without taking it off the list?

Ever heard of the term “Arm Chair Tourism?”. Here’s some geoawesome projects that let you be the awesome armchair tourist!

Here’s a project by an organisation called Underwater Earth, they literally took Google Maps underwater!! Yup! This is what made me write the entire article on ArmChair Geography and Iyke wrote the article  on “Underwater Maps” that I wanted to, just 438 days earlier!! Here’s the link to this amazing project – Google Maps For Ocean

Well as you can expect with Google, they just didnt stop there. They ended up mapping UNESCO sites, Landmarks in Europe, the Highest Base Camp in the world and even Antarctica .

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.54.46 PM

Now that’s what I call, taking Geography to heights! Speaking of heights, here’s a really cool video from the European Space Agency on view of earth from space!

I did mention Mongolia in the list, right? Here’s an amazing project by National Geographic that has literally crowd-sourced archaeology – Check it out!

If you are wondering if all of this is just for fun! think again! There have many cases of people finding shipwrecks, even new islands using “Armchair Geography”. Here’s an article on TelegraphPost. Well sometimes even Google Maps can create a lot of confusion, remember the story of the island that did not exist on earth but on google maps?

I for sure didn’t know that you could “see” so much without leaving your easy-chair! Armchair tourism! Armchair Geography! Geoawesome indeed 🙂

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