A lot more Apple Maps cars to be seen on Canada roads


Apple has announced that it will be driving across Canada throughout the summer to capture road details, signage and landmarks. It is carrying out this task to bring in more accuracy and usefulness to Apple Maps. The location data collected by sensors will be worked upon by Apple’s teams in Cupertino, California.

Following the not so satisfying outcomes, Apple is already in the process of rebuilding its Maps. The hurdles have been many so far – A first┬ábad impression, an apology from the CEO, and likewise attempts to improvise- patching holes with data partnerships, bringing in transit navigation etc. Due to the limitations, Apple Maps has still not been able to qualify as a world-class service.

Apple expands Maps with transit to Boston and Sydney

To stand out as a strong competition to Google Maps, Apple Maps need to bring in more improvements in its location data. It needs to be re-build and the decision to map the streets of Canada could be a significant step in this direction. Apple admits using the data collected to build better features in Apple Maps such as a Google Street View competitor, cycling directions and/or turn-by-turn directions using augmented reality.

Apple Maps cars are equipped with a GPS rig, four LiDAR arrays and eight cameras shooting high-resolution images. The data captured through such high-level equipment is more than likely to get used for high-grade features in the future.

We are not sure how much of the entire operation Apple was inclined to reveal, but with so many Apple Maps cars on the roads of Canada, it would not have stayed a secret. We just hope Apple Maps become more accurate and useful after the project gets completed.

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