Apple patens laser beam mapping for iPhone

Apple has recently patented a technology which might change the way we measure and map our surroundings. It’s based on laser which would be mounted inside the iPhone and used together with the inbuilt motion sensors to generate a map of any surface it is pointed at.

Using laser technology would allow measuring distance from a device to  the object. Combined with precise indoor/outdoor positioning technology it could allow for creating 3D maps of rooms and even buildings, something that currently requires land surveying equipment.

The technology would allow gathering single points, more similar to laser distance measuring devices like Disto, rather than point clouds we know from Lidar, which makes sense because it gives much more flexibility and requires less computing power.

Patent - laser on iphone - Geoawesomeness

The technology itself is not very complex and it’s been used for a while already. The main challenge is developing an app which would compute the data from all the sensors, generate a usable 3D model and possibly also combine it with a camera image.

It seems that this patent is an answer to Google’s Project Tango, which has been launched early this year.

source: Patently Apple  

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“The Book of OpenStreetMap” by Steve Coast funded on Kickstarter

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I’ve been noodling a long time about how to structure and write a book about OSM. I never wanted to write a book about how to use the project, there are many now available of those in any case. I’m more interested in the stories and the people. How the project got going, the twists and turns, the ‘ah-ha’ moments and so on.

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