Amazing Interactive Map Of Wind


EarthThe movement of air masses around the planet is fascinating. One can understand many climate related phenomena. It is also possible to predict short-term weather changes. Mapping such a dynamic  phenomena is quite a challenge. Developer Cameron Beccario decided to work on that project and the effects are truly amazing.

Cameron uses weather data from the Global Forecast System at the National Centres for Environmental Prediction which generates global model of wind every 3 hours. Then using several JavaScript libraries including D3 he generated this hypnotic, dynamic visualisation that includes several cool features which every geo-geek will appreciate

The colour palette represents the speed of the wind from 0-360 km/h.  Fortunately I haven’t noticed any pink colour on the map but I can imagine that witnessing ‘ a birth’ of a Hurricane can be scary  yet fascinating.


There are also several projections to choose from, including: Atlantis, Azimuthal Equidistant, Conical Equidistant, Equirectangular, Orthographic, Stereographic, Waterman Butterfly and Winkel Tripel.


Check it out here. I think it’s one of the best mapping projects of 2013.

Geoawesomeness - wind map 5 Geoawesomeness - wind map 4 Geoawesomeness - wind map 6

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