Amazing GPS doodles that turned workouts into art


Smartwatches, GPS-equipped wearables, fitness apps… Tracking your location while working out is easier and more accessible than ever before. It’s also very useful and frankly speaking I don’t know any runner who doesn’t do that. Some, do it to share it with friends, others to keep track of their workouts. But there is also a third group of users that decided to add some spice to their workouts and turned it into an art…

The idea is simple. You plan a route of your workout in such a way that your GPS tracks will create a particular pattern on a map. Some of these GPS artworks are really interesting, and other are meant to impress or make you smile. There is even one case where an artist proposed by spelling “Marry Me” on a map. Creative! It is amazing to see, what people can do with fitness apps and tracking devices. Here are a couple of examples.

1. World map

source: Road

2. Giraffe (95.5 km, 3h 30min)

source: GPS Doodle

3. Runner


4. T-Rex

source: GPS Doodles

5. Nike Shoe

source: PFSK

6. Marriage proposal

source: Venture Beat

7. Darth Vader

source: GPS Doodles

8. Horse

source: Smith Journal

9. Queen Victoria

source: GPS Doodles

10. Baby Panda

source: Vimeo

The Global Positioning System is your paintbrush, and you can draw anything you want. There is no limitation, and almost anyone can do it! Of course, it will cost a lot of effort, but after completing the exercise, you feel satisfied with your work.

What defines me is a mix of curiosity combined with a bit of of fun. I believe that the spatial data and the technologies associated with them are what I'm looking for. Fortunately for us, we live in times where the exchange of digital information blossoming before our eyes. That is why, I am here with you, sharing my fascination with all that is "geo", because I know that the interaction with others is what shapes me every day.



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