All awesome Business Insider map videos in a single place


If you’re a GeoGeek you must have already seen some of awesome Business Insider map videos. We’ve shared with you at least a couple of them. If image is worth a thousand words, than video is worth a million, especially if it’s a map visualisation done in such a great way.

Below we’ve gathered a list of all awesome Business Insider map videos. Have fun!

1Map of every nuclear-bomb explosion in history

2Map of the major oil and gas pipelines in the US

3Spread of ISIS through Iraq and Syria

4How the world’s biggest cities have grown

5Map shows how Christianity spread around the world

6Map shows how religion spread around the world

7Map shows the undersea cables that power the internet

8Map shows how the world’s first written languages spread

9Map shows how humans migrated across the globe

10Putting the history of Earth into perspective

11Animated map shows how Indo-European languages may have evolved

12What the Earth would look like if all the ice melted

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