Alike App – Location-Based Recommends Of Nearby Venues That Are Just Like Your Favorites


There are plenty of local discovery apps that let’s you find what you need in unfamiliar neighbourhood. But the problem is that you are always stuck  with trusting the recommendations of strangers who might have really horrible taste… New iPhone App called Alike  is trying to solve this issue.

What is it about

Alike is designed to let you know about nearby restaurants, bars, and cafes that are like those you’re already a fan of. It’s pretty simple to use: You just open it up, type in the name of one of your favourite spots, and it’ll suggest others like it in your proximity. The app ranks recommendations based on how “alike” they are to your search queries, allows users to see how far away a place is, and lets them provide feedback about whether they think one place is like another. Than of course you can share the venue on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

How it works

Alike is one of those start-ups that tries to make use out of huge amount of data from recommendation services. Founder Maria Zhang is a big data and machine learning enthusiast who previously worked at Microsoft on the Personal Relevance team at MSN. And as a result, Alike is more of a big data platform than a pure local recommendations app. The real goal here is to collect data based on user behaviour and response, and help the Alike engine improve its recommendations and the suggestions it makes as time goes on.


We reached times where the problem of any app and services is not lack of data but rather too much data. The challenge is to make a smart use out of it therefore I’m a huge fun of any kind of location-based analytic platforms. Alike is a the begging of the road but it seems they are doing a great job.

source: TechCrunch

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