Weather duopoly. America divided by temperature anomalies.




Truly amazing weather anomalies are happening this winter season in the US. While the East part of the country experiences temperatures on average 10-15˚F colder, the western states observe unusual warmth. Pellston, MI was the coldest place in America last Friday, with temperatures as low as -35˚F. Palm Springs, CA on the other hand was the warmest place with 86˚F. But what’s really amazing is how equally these weather fronts divided the country. I find this map spectacular.

In December we’ve reported that 2014 was the warmest month ever recorded. Today we’ve got one of the coldest Februaries ever in the US. The climate seems to go extreme these days. Is it just a one-time anomaly or will we record such a situations more often… What do you think?

source: Weather5280

Aleks Buczkowski
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