Image on NASA's stunning time-lapsevideo

This stunning time-lapse from NASA shows 1 year of the life on Earth

In February 2015 NOAA and NASA joined forces and launched a DSCOVR satellite. The orbit of the satellite has been placed at Lagrange point 1, approximately...

The first topographic map of Mercury

Mercury, the closest planet to our sun, now has an accurate topographic map. But how do you make a map of the whole planet...

Earth Observation Industry, International Financial Institutions and Development Agencies

This post is to address, Earth Observation Information Services as an assisting mechanism to operatively connect Earth Observation Industry, International Financial Institutions and Development...

International Human Space Flight day: Celebrating our Space dreams!

“The Sky is the limit only for those who aren't afraid to fly!” ― Bob Bello They say that our ancestors and the ones before them,...

Rosetta’s data suggests that water came from asteroids, not comets!

Our pretty blue planet! We all admire this picture, and every now and then wonder what a marvel it is! Source: NASA For years, scientists have...

Are we ready to send humans into deep space?

A question that has been asked for centuries will soon be answered! NASA's Orion is getting ready for a test flight ! For those of you...

NASA needs your help!

Crowdsourcing has been a huge deal in the recent past. Be in trying to map the disaster affected region in Phillipines or searching for...

Has India joined the elite space group?

The simple answer after GSLV-D5* launch on January 5th is YES! Only five countries in the world - US, Russia, France, Japan and China...



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