Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars

Google expands Waze Carpooling service making the ground for its autonomous car business

After testing for a couple of months in San Francisco and Israel Google-owned Waze is expanding it’s ride-sharing platform to new locations. The company...

Google open-sourced its real-time localization and mapping library

Real-time Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is a critical component of all autonomous platforms, be it self-driving cars, drones or ... self-parking chairs (nope, not kidding);...

Playing for Data: Using GTA to teach self-driving cars to navigate the real-world

273,588.430 - that is the exact number of kilometres Google's fleet of 58 cars clocked for their Self-Driving Car project in August this year...

Building trust in autonomous cars

Autonomous vehicles are the future of transportation and one of the main aspects that will hinder wide-spread adoption of this future will have nothing to...

With Drive, Mapbox now has its sights on the in-car navigation market

Mapbox is one of the coolest geo-startups out there today and earlier this month, they announced a new SDK - Mapbox Drive! The latest SDK...



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