What is earth’s capacity and how many people can it support?

It took 150,000 years for humans to touch the 1-billion population mark. Today, there are over 7.5 billion of us on this planet. Of...

Map showing 135 years of global warming

Last year we've reported that 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded. Last week NASA revealed that 2015 was even warmer. Data from NASA and NOAA showed...

Celebrate GIS Day and map the history of cartography and GIS on our timeline

Dear Geo-Geeks, for 2015 GIS Day we aim to do something truly Geoawesome and we would like to ask you to do it with...

The most complete global map of forests available yet

Very interesting research has been published in Nature magazine. Researchers created the most detailed map of forests around the world. All the previous attempts...

How cartographers should map Crimea?

Over the last few weeks the whole world has been watching the dynamic situation on Crimea. Tough actions of Russia and diplomatic attempts of the West. From...

How Can Geography Literacy Be So Bad At The Age Of Google Earth?

National Geographic calls Geography Literacy: “the ability to use geographic understanding and geographic reasoning to make far-reaching decisions”. It relies on three conceptual pillars: Interaction:...


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