Google Maps Brain Cognitive Mental Map

Google will add our mental maps as a layer to Google Maps

How do we navigate from A to B without GPS? How did we do it in the pre-GPS era? 15 years ago to avoid...

OpenTraffic : Free, global traffic speed data

One of the biggest advantages Google maps has over its competition is the accuracy of its real-time traffic information and it didn't really come...

HERE app unleashed to all Android users after leaking the source files

HERE, the mapping brand of Nokia is launching their navigation app to all Android users. The app has been already available for a few...

PNDs are not dead. The surprising review of modern navigation device (TomTom GO 50)

Over the last years I had quite straightforward opinion about PNDs. Me and most people I know use smartphone as main navigation device from...

HERE Auto – Nokia Connects Your Ride To The Cloud

Mapping business is not easy. Not easy to efficiently update spatial data, not easy to monetize, not easy to create something new, not easy...

Google Maps starts using Waze traffic crowd-sourced data

Two months ago Google acquired Israeli social traffic and community start-up Waze (for around $1bln) which changed the landscape in world's real-time traffic business....

Queries getting answered in the network of Balloons: Project Loon

<!-- Think, its Sunday! you are in your couch, watching movie; enjoying your laziness. Suddenly, you wished for...

TomTom releases its latest map update for the summer jurneys

Tomtom has just released  new maps in preparation for the Summer. In total, 1.5 million km of new roads have been added to TomTom’s...



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