This Map By Nokia Shows All Windows Phones With Language Set To “Chinese” In Asia And Europe.


Geoawesomeness Nokia_Chinese

Companies owns a lot of Big Data about their business and their customers. More and more they start to realize that and use it in their advantage. This particular map made by Nokia HERE in Berlin shows spatial distribution of all Windows Phones with language set to “Chinese”. With market penetration close to 10% on average worldwide this map gives you good estimation on what is the density of Chinese people around Eurasia, which particularly interesting outside China. Any census data or migration office will not be able to show it and definitely not on such a scale.

From the perspective of Nokia such a tool can actually give them value of real market penetration and how it spatially changes over time. I bet that 1 year earlier this map looked totally different. This can be particularly interesting after the launch of a new Lumia with availability in different  countries at different time and can clearly answer whether marketing activities were appropriate. New customers would be simply lighting  up on the map. I’ve been working with location-based big data for some time already and I’m more and more fascinated by the possibilities it gives and how companies and governments could use it.

source: Nokia Conversations

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