This Infographic From 1897 Shows The Entire American Civil War On A Single Map


Did you think that infographics are a new trend in data visualization and mapping? You were wrong. Look at that visualization of the history of the Civil War 1860-1865. This is not a geographical map, but a historical time chart where the event of the war are drawn to a vertical time scale of months. The geographic dimension has been mapped on the horizontal scale. All events are mapped in a cause and effect sequence which is pretty amazing. But this is not all. It also maps the financial and human resources of  both Federal and Confederate armies over time.

The “History of the Civil War in the United States, 1860-1865” was published by The Comparative Synoptical Chart Company in 1897 and its available in a high-resolution at  the Library of Congress. Unfortunately the instructions on how to read it are lost but this is the greatest example that data visualization is not a new concept.


Civic war map

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