The US Mobile App Report – Google Maps App 64.5M Users, Apple Maps 42M


A few weeks ago comScore –  a digital research company published its annual US Mobile App Report. What’s interesting is that only two map apps were mentioned in the report: Google Maps with 64,5M users and Apple maps with 42M. Google Maps is the 6th and Apple Maps – the 9th most popular app. It can be considered a big success of Apple whose mapping app has been massively criticised after its launch in 2012. One must remember that Google Maps operates on both iOS and Android and it’s pre-installed on all Android devices and Apple Maps works only on smartphones made by Apple. Android offers seamless integration with Android features and Apple Maps with iPhone features. The study doesn’t say how it deals with iPhone users like me. Most of the time I use Google Maps, and Apple Maps only when it’s running automatically triggered by automatic features. Depending on the methodology of the research I can be considered user of both apps.


Knowing that estimated number of smartphone users in US is close to 160M, and assuming that the study counts only unique users, we can say that 67% of smartphone users use mapping apps. I must say that I’m shocked. Why would you own a smartphone if you’re not using maps?

If you’re interested take a look at the full report.

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Source: GPS Business News

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  1. […] It’s also worth mentioning that there are a ton of people out there who settle with the apps that they already have. In August, comScore reported that more than two-thirds of smartphone users don’t download any new apps in a typical month. Also, even though the quality of Google Maps arguably has a significant leg up on Apple Maps, Apple’s version doesn’t lag far behind Google when it comes to total unique visitors per month. […]


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