Political boundaries are just a human demarcation. Map of the world divided by airports.


The global political boundaries as we know them are just a human demarcation. In ontology they would be called ‘fiat‘ (artificial)  boundaries. The opposite type is called ‘bona fide‘ (natural) boundaries. It is funny that global borders are so engrained in our minds that it can be hard to look at the earth without dividing it into political regions.

Data visualization designer Jason Davies has been playing with the topic of boundaries for some time already. Jason is exploring mathematical functions to redraw the global boundaries according to different phenomena. In his latest map he used a spherical Voronoi diagrams to draw global airport map where each region is closer to a particular airport than any other.

From the algorithm we learn that the most remote airport in the world is Mataveri International Airport on Easter Island, which is 1,617 miles (2,602km) from the next nearest airport. Check out the map:

Global Airport Map Geoawesomenesssource: Jason Davis


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