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Map of every fossil found in the U.S.


Probability of finding a fossil in the stone is quite low. Especially if you don’t know where to do it. Cason Clagg – software developer and a fossil fanatic from Oklahoma decided to address this problem.

Cason gathered data about location of all fossil discoveries across the US from Paleobiology Database – a nonprofit public record maintained by hundreds of scientists across the world. Than using Processing 3.0 and geojson files he pinpointed each location on a map which he named “United States of Fossiliferousness”.

Map Of Fossils Geoawesomeness

The interpretation of the map is quite straightforward. Brighter dots or larger circles show places that are richer in fossils. The map is beautiful but it’s usability is quite low. The scale to small so it won’t help you to identify the exact location of each fossil site. The next step is an app so that discovering fossil sites would be easier. Casos is working on it right now.

Different color versions of the map are available here.

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  1. There are ~10,000 sites in the Utah Paleontological Locality database. Proprietary information as it is against federal law (PRPA) to reveal the location of Paleontological Localities. But overall you can think of most of Utah as one gigantic site.

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