Laser Scanning the caves of Nottingham: Mapping Robin Hood’s dungeon and more!

Archaeology is perhaps not so interesting when all that we discover is a bunch of old tablets and pottery. Although there is no doubts regarding their historic value, it certainly isn’t that cool, is it? So naturally when we encounter examples of geospatial technology being used in Archaeology, we tend to leaf through the pages as we mentally imagine just another map with the famous spots where the findings were made and perhaps a spatial relationship to the findings.


Credits: Trent & Peak Archaeology / The University of Nottingham

What if I told you about an application where we are supposed to map the artificial caves under the city of Nottingham, one of which was even used as a dungeon to hold Robin Hood! Sounds all the more interesting doesn’t it! Laser Scanning has been used in a wide range of applications, even to detect and map potholes in the road but the coolest application so far has to be the Nottingham Cave Survey project.

The Nottingham Cave Survey is a project to map the 450+ artificial caves that were excavated from the sandstone beneath the city of Nottingham, England. Speaking of Nottingham and caves it is difficult not to mention that one of them happen to be the dungeon that once held Robin Hood! Yup, Robin Hood! The interesting fact is that not all of the caves that existed in the past are known today. Chances are that you might encounter a cave beneath your apartment/hotel in Nottingham that was previously unknown let alone mapped ;)

One word to describe this project: Awesomeness! Laser Scanning the caves of nottingham : making geospatial applications in archaeology all the more cooler! If you are interested in knowing more about this amazing project, visit their official page.

Kind David's Dungeon

Credits: Trent & Peak Archaeology / The University of Nottingham

Beautiful visuals aren’t they? Its amazing to see how wonderful and interesting the applications of Geospatial technology are becoming. So are you aware of anymore awesome applications of Laser Scanning!! Let us know!

Source: Nottingham Cave Survey

  • Dean Howell

    That is very cool :)

  • Prem Kumar Thogiti

    This is fantastic way of guiding pedestrians….

  • Dean Howell

    The maps do look very smart and am sure will be well received. It is always good to see a great combination of art and cartography.

  • Stefan

    The initiative signalises the change of New York’s urban policy: The future vision of the city plans to foster pedestrians and to reduce the number of cars following the scheme of Copenhagen that, in contrast to what many people would think, before the 1960s was not a green city at all.
    I like the design and the orientation of the maps. Actually it would be interesting to know the acceptance of the orientation approach.