Location Based Marketing – Introduction



copyrights:Aleksander Buczkowski 2011-2012

Location-Based Services is the technology that can be used as a platform for marketing purposes. You can call it after The LBMA ‘an integration of people, places and media’ but this simple explanation doesn’t capture that the value added by the spatial dimension to mobile marketing is a total game changer… and the discussion you’ll seeing over the next pages will be a prove of it.

Location-Based Marketing has been present on the market for almost a decade in form of SMS or MMS messages but the development of location aware devices as well as location enabled social media gave marketers new possibilities to interact with highly targeted customers. New mobile media created new platforms of communication between business and customers that allows delivering not only the content, but also the direct feedback, or even performing final transactions. Location-Based Marketing allows targeting customers based on spatio-temporal criteria as well as other contexts that make it possible to deliver relevant value-adding marketing message to the user at the right time, place and situation. Wide range of LBM possibilities makes it possible to reach different target groups, with different level of interaction and engagement.

But the term ‘marketing’ goes far beyond the advertising and promotion. It means to get to know your customers, to make extensive customer insight, and by performing marketing process (which definition  you will find later) to create a strong relationship with the customer getting value in return. But the value doesn’t need to be measured in dollars but also the information. And the information is of the biggest value (financial) for everybody.