If all the Ice melted: National Geographic’s Interactive map on Rising Seas

What if all the ice melted? Now whether or not global warming happens courtesy carbon addition activities by us  or naturally is an entirely another debate. The question is “How would the world look if ALL the ice melted?” How much would the sea rise by? What would be the average temperature on Earth?

Trust National Geographic not only to capture such questions in the best manner possible but also to visualize it in such geoawesome manner! Here’s the super interesting map by National Geographic “IF ALL THE ICE MELTED“!


216 feet overall! Yup, that’s the level by which the sea levels are predicted to increase if all the ice melted into the oceans. It simply does not look the same, does it? Looks like I might to have look for another place to call home, if the sea levels rose tomorrow. My city is so going to be under water! 13.0839° N, 80.2700° E would then be swallowed by the seas. Well, it has happened in the past and looks like it might just happen in the future as well.

How does your place hold up?