Google Maps Coordinate field-worker service will be shut down


Google Coordinate - Geoawesomeness

Back in 2012, Google launched the Maps Coordinate service, a tool for managing mobile workforces. Using this web service, businesses could track and dispatch their employees like delivery guys, truck drivers or sales reps.

It seems that the never made it to the mainstream. Last week Google sent an email to existing subscribers, telling them that the service will shut down in January, 2016. Google was never shy about closing its services, even the popular ones (remember Google Reader?). Additionally Google announced in a statement:

Maps and location information are valuable tools for businesses — whether it’s helping people find your store locations or identifying sales opportunities across town. To help our Maps for Work customers continue to get the highest impact from our products, in 2015 we’ll focus on helping customers deliver location information via our Maps APIs and shift away from selling any non-Maps API products. We’ll support our Maps for Work customers through their contracts and work closely with them and our partners through this transition.

It seems that Google will now clean up its business-oriented mapping services and put everything under the Google Maps for Work portfolio, which includes a collection of APIs that allows users to overlay custom data on a personalized Google map. Google Maps Coordinate site already redirects to Google Maps for Work.

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