Geospatial video making!


How many times have we tried to create cool videos of our over complicated data on Google Earth and gave up not being able to get what we want? I am not sure about you all, it has happened to me more than I would like !

Remote Geosystems Inc has come up with a solution by introducing Line Vision Google Earth. Mainly focusing on industry, the Line Vision software helps you to overlay your data as 3D tracks with Google Earth as a base map.


LineVision Google Earth enables users to geospatially “navigate” a video recording by simply clicking a location along the aerial or terrestrial GPS track positioned in Google Earth. The video then automatically advances to that point in the video so that analysts and subject matter experts can visually interpret what was recorded at that specific place and time. As the video plays, a “cursor” moves along the GPS track, constantly indicating where the current view was recorded. If something of interest is detected in the video, users may also “snap” a still image from the video, which is geotagged and saved for future analysis.

How cool? Well, is there a catch? Most certainly!

Priced at 995 USD, it might not look attractive for normal users. But companies and industries looking to detect gas leakage by creating single or multiple (dual, triple and quad) geospatial video streaming, this is the place to be!

I am just another one in seven billion people on this planet, with a small significant difference though. I always ask myself "why not"! That question added with a little curiosity has led me to travel and explore lot of possibilities so far. With a Bachelor's in Geoinformatics and a Masters in Geomatics, I have made my life more towards knowing lot more about our gē!


  1. I first got interested in making geospatial videos last summer, when I visited my aunt and uncle in Minnesota. While I was there, I used the Google Earth app on my phone to record a tour of the area around their house. I was really happy with how it turned out, and since then, I’ve been hooked on making these videos! I would like to click here for more info about how to learn Spanish faster best tips for students because I need to go to Spain for further studies.


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