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Welcome to the 13th GeoawesomeQuiz! Let’s hope that #13 will be lucky for you:).
Remember to take quizzes from the previous weeks. Have fun!

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TomTom Android app with cool new design and a way test it for free


TomTom Android - Geoawesomeness

TomTom has released a new Android app which brings its really cool PND user interface to the world of smartphones. I know that it sounds ridiculous to make the app interface look like in PND not the other way around, but you won’t know what I mean until you try it. It’s beautiful, it’s simple. It’s basically the only navigation app user interface which is better than Google Maps.

Previously you would have to pay to use TomTom’s apps (and they were the most expensive navigation apps out there). With the new release TomTom is launching a fresh approach to attract users which are already accustomed to free navigation apps by Google and recently by HERE. The navigation allows users for free 50 miles (75 km) per month. If you want to drive more you would have to purchase in-app subscription of $22.99 for one year, or $51.99 for three (though existing TomTom navigation subscribers get three years of service for $0.99). This price includes online and offline maps of 111 countries, lifetime map updates and real-time traffic, as well as speed cameras info and much more.

What do you think, will this strategy work?

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