DJI released a powerful drone for professional filmmakers


DJI Matrice-600

On Sunday DJI introduced its most powerful drone yet. DJI Matrice 600 aims at the Hollywood big budget productions. The six rotor drone is designed to lift heavy camera rig along with a gimbal mount of up-to 6 kg. The device uses the new A3 flight controller and Lightbridge 2 video transmission technology to transmit 1080p video at up to 5 kilometers distance.

It is also available with up-to three GPS units and three IMUs, allowing the drone to precisely determine its position and repeat a flight path for a specific shot with centimeter precision. It is definitely an awesome piece of equipment and it has an awesome price tag… $4,599 for a base model (without a camera and mount).

But what’s the best thing about the this new drone? Definitely the promo video that includes ancient martial arts on rooftops… This is how you sell any device to Hollywood. Check it out:

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