Check out this awesome 3D map of crime trends in NYC


Over the years I’ve seen plenty of great mappings projects and it doesn’t often happen that I get surprised by a geo-visualization method and this unexpected map totally made my day.

The map created as a part of Esri Cool Maps initiative shows NYC crime data in time. That sort of task could be done with a regular heatmap and a timeline, but instead, the heatmap is elevated on the top of the 3D buildings layer. User can click on any point of the map and preview month-by-month data in the range between 500-1000m around selected location. The effect is amazing.

The map is clearly just a showcase of the Esri’s platform capabilities rather than a value adding project to study crime data. You cannot control the playback speed or fast forward to the next month, the scope is limited, and there is no legend to really understand and interpret it. Even with all these limitations I totally love the design of this map and I wish to see more visualizations of that kind

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SOURCEEsri Cool Maps
Aleks Buczkowski
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