You can now hail Uber via Facebook Messenger app


Facebook and Uber are teaming up to let users hail rides through Facebook Messenger app. The newest version of Messenger has been updated to include the Uber button which will allow you to request a ride, all without leaving a conversation or downloading the Uber app.

In order to hail a ride users need to tap an address in a chat or tap on ’the new car’ icon, found within the app’s bottom menu. Users can also pay for the ride and communicate with their driver directly within the Messenger app. In a group chat, users get an alert that you’ve ordered a ride, and if you wish, you can share a map of your ride location.


This integration is a natural move for both companies. Uber is trying to promote integration of its service to app developers via Uber API and Facebook is clearly trying to move Messenger from being a regular chat into a communication platform by opening the app for 3rd party integration as well.

The new feature is already available in the latest version of the Messenger app for US users. Other countries should be available soon.

source: Facebook

Aleks Buczkowski
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